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What is Young Norfolk: Up2Us?


Young Norfolk: Up2Us is a secure networking site designed to support a young person during their educational years throughout school and make the transition process seamless.

It is accessible to all the professionals, parents, carers and support services around the student who are then able to look holistically at the student's life both within and without school and help them to plan for the future.

It supports the student to find out about things to do in their area and gives them the opportunity to meet with new and existing friends online and potentially in person.

The student must have a 'buddy' to access this site, who will be able to see the links they are making and the opportunities they want to access - keeping it safe for them.

After leaving school or college and moving into adulthood, the student is able to carry on using Norfolk: Up2Us to keep in touch with their family and friends, help them make choices and plan their day to day lives, see what's going on around them in their community and the support that's available to help them achieve and maintain a good life.


Using this website safely is very important. Users should:

  • NOT make rude or nasty comments about themselves or others
  • NOT agree to meet up with anyone without their 'buddy' knowing
  • DO report anyone being rude or nasty
  • DO let someone know if you are worried about anyone or anything on the site

Young Norfolk: Up2Us has links to Churchill Park Sixth Form and CSV Futures Project. They will check all of the users on the site and will monitor activity. Only students, parents and carers, social workers and service providers known to these organisations will access the site.

All users MUST have a 'buddy' - someone they are close to such as a teacher, parent or carer, volunteer, or service provider who will receive emails about their activity, friend requests, and things posted.

There can also be a Circle of Support for the student.

A Circle of Support is a group of people who help somebody accomplish certain personal visions or goals. The young person can have up to five members of their Circle of Support group working with them on the website. If for some reason the member is unable to achieve what they want from their life the Circle of Support will help them. The young person is in charge of deciding who to invite into their circle. The Circle of Support members are usually made up of family members, teachers and social workers, work preparation staff. They will all be looking to see what they can do from their perspective to make the young person's aspirations happen.


As person centred planning (PCP) is rolled out through social care, it will become a key tool for individuals and families to know how well services are working for them.

In and out of school, from an early age, children and young people can be supported to think about their future and what skills they will need when they are adults.

Every year they will have a person centred review [PCR] that will help everyone think about what progress the last year has made on these skills and help decide how they can make even more progress.

PCRs are a fun and visual way for a young person and their family to see how all the services 'fit' and how they are all contributing to help the student achieve their life goals.

Young Norfolk: Up2Us will help the student, their parents and carers, school and other support services to:

  • see what opportunities are out there to help them achieve their goals
  • keep track of their achievements through videos, links, pictures, reports
  • make link ready for moving on from school at 16-19 yrs

CSV Futures

CSV Futures Project is supporting Churchill Park School with this site. CSV is the UK's leading national volunteering and training charity. We make a positive impact on the lives of thousands of people every year, and support some of the most vulnerable people in society.

The aim of CSV Futures project is to enable the personal and intellectual growth of young people with learning difficulties through a creative, person centred, broad based curriculum within the community.

This is achieved through matching the students to volunteer mentors, recruited and trained by CSV, who work closely with the young person to develop plans which link to their skills, wishes, likes and person centred plans moving into Transition. Together, they access community activities, meet friends, consider services, work experience, volunteering, and college courses.

Volunteer Mentors will be recruited from the community - something CSV has done for 50 years now - and will be thoroughly checked, risk assessed, trained and supervised. Matches will be made according to time available, location, interests and personality. Mentors will include young people from mainstream education and peer mentors - 16+.

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